Business process digitalization is one of the most popular trends currently. New technologies tools add efficiency to companies in each area of work. Human Resources area has lagged most until recently. Introducing Workia, leading innovation in talent management.

Workia’s digital platform processes the management of 12K employees. Located in Argentina, this company provides human resources administration services for companies of all types such as Ta-Ta, Uruguay’s main private employer, as well as SMEs with fewer than 50 employees.

Digital Innovation for Human Resources

Workia is a company with quick growth. According to Workia CEO Alfredo Terlizzi, the company started with a base of platform employees who were clients of the founding partners. The rest was given naturally because Workia is an international quality alternative with local prices.

A wide products portfolio gives competitive advantages to Workia. Its services cover all the needs of human resources. 

  • Birpin: an employment portal.
  • HCWork: a platform for HR management and to measure performance, organizational climate, schedule training, among other possibilities. 
  • HCPay: Company’s payroll outsourcing system that is capable of processing the settlements to employees.
Birpin is a Workia’s product

New challenges

Workia biggest challenge is not only the lack of investment in the sector but the cultural barriers within organizations. New technology adoption is still uncommon in human resources departments.

The Argentinian company also need to fight against the idea that new technologies are synonymous with staff cuts. Actually, it is the opposite. A large number of new jobs arise with the arrival of new technologies in order to adapt the company to the new procedures.

Finally, Terlizzi believes that Latin America is a region of great potential for technological growth. Workia is already working on the development of virtual interviewers. That could represent a new paradigm of recruitment.

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