PlayVox is looking for engineers and technical professionals for its headquarters in Manizales, Colombia. The company has a presence in Silicon Valley and now, it wants to scale its equipment and venture into the artificial intelligence area, as well as in new products development.

Playvox pocketed an investment of $7 million from the US Five Elms Capital fund recently. After this announcement, the startup decided to increase its presence in its city of origin. Previously, the company went through Chile and Silicon Valley.. They also got important clients such as Google, OLX, Pinterest, DeliveryHero, Creditas, and Glovo.

PlayVox will modernize its services.

Local talent for competitive advantage

PlayVox has approximately 30 employees. Its main customers come from California, Europe, and Asia. Company technical operations will be handled from Manizales, while commercial area will work directly from Silicon Valley. The company says that investing in Colombian talent will give them a competitive advantage.

The plan is to triple the technical staff. Colombia is the ideal scenario for this. The South American country has the same capabilities as other countries without the inconveniences present in more saturated markets. The turnover is lower in Manizales than Silicon Valley, for example.

PlayVox offers software solutions that make quality controls in customer service processes easier. They work with all the information sources of a company such as CRM. Then, they consolidate them into a single platform for more efficient data management.

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