The job market continues evolving. Although most business structures remain rigid, some companies are testing new forms of organization. One of these modalities is companies without a boss, where employees manage companies in a horizontal way.

This trend has already some years in the corporate world, as evidenced by for example the videogame company Valve, which since its founding in 1996 implements the self-management model. To decide on which project they will focus on, employees must make presentations and exhibitions, and take decisions together.

Grupo Cygnus leading self-management

However, in Chile, they are just beginning to find self-managed companies such as the Cygnus Group, a company dedicated to outsourcing. This year dispensed with the traditional headquarters in various areas of the company such as Security and Prevention as Accounting and Billing.

According to statements by Leire Cosgaya, responsible for the Cultural Transformation of the Cygnus Group, the implementation of the self-management model has to do with a cultural transformation within the organization where it is sought to give visibility to all employees so that they have greater autonomy while their abilities are valued.

One of the main advantages of this model is that it fosters collaboration among the employees of the company. Also, for the employee has benefits such as greater access to decision making within the company and the ability to manage their time and priorities.

Teamwork and greater commitment

In Grupo Cygnus, they believe that self-management also facilitates coordination among employees and transparency in the company where each of the workers begins to feel a greater commitment to the company. The results are noticed almost immediately with the increase in employee participation.

Cygnus also hopes to continue expanding the self-management model to other areas as employees feel seen and heard within the company, which has generated a flood of new ideas, as well as an increase in productivity thanks to the trust that is transmitted to them.

Companies without a boss continue to grow and it is expected that within the next few years they will become increasingly common within the corporate sphere since the traditional model does not work for all people while self-management helps to encourage teamwork and collaboration.

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