Millions of jobs have been lost as a result of social distancing measures. However, some companies continue to hire.

Social distancing measures have caused a massive loss of jobs. By mid-April, 22 million people had become unemployed in the United States, while many companies, such as the Zillow Group, decided to stop their hiring processes for now.

According to forecasts by the United Nations, 195 million jobs will be lost in the world, and hours worked will fall 6.7% for half of this year. Most companies are losing a great amount of money, with businesses that rely on customer service and tourism taking the brunt of it.

In contrast to this situation, other companies continue to hire in what would appear to be an attack on common sense. Most of these jobs are related to basic and health services, but among nurses, delivery people, packers, and stretcher-bearers, there are also information technology professionals and e-commerce specialists, according to consultancy Adecco.

Adecco’s Director of Quality Services, Carla Cantisani, commented that many industries today have peaked even higher than Christmas.

In Brazil, startups focused on health and technology opened more than 1,500 job offers. To follow the distancing recommendations issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), these companies are carrying out their processes through videoconferences.

At Karavel, a market place focused on agricultural exports, they offer positions such as UX Designer, Front-end, Back-end, and purchasing and sales assistants. FinTech MyCon is looking for AI specialists, Full-Stack and mobile developers, as well as ChatBot specialists. The company TopMed, dedicated to distance medical care, is looking for profiles focused on health areas. Another health startup, Vitta, which manages medical plans, is looking for Front-End development experts as well as doctors and nurses. The Juros Baixo and platforms. Nexxera Group is looking for specialists in Java and Angular.

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