The world is facing a tech talent shortage that has been exacerbated by the current Covid-19 crisis, but Mexico has strategic advantages in that scenario.

Last year, the global recruitment company ManpowerGroup released a report that said a surprising 54% of companies worldwide are facing a technology shortage. Such is the concern that Forbes recently referred to the recruiting competition as a “war of tech talent.”

As companies seek international talent to attract the best technology professionals, competition in Latin America is increasing, from Colombia to Chile and from Argentina to Costa Rica. Mexico has not escaped the squeeze.

But Gustavo Parés, founder and CEO of NDS Cognitive Labs, believes that Mexico has an important role to play in closing the talent gap for companies moving forward with their digital transformation. A young and highly educated population, bilingual skills, and a strong price incentive place Mexico at the top of the Nearshore scale for outsourced software development solutions, he argues.

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