Customer Service

Does your startup have a Customer Service Strategy?

According to a Zendesk's report that evaluated more than 4,400 startups worldwide, more than 70% of the founders and decision-makers reported that they do not... Details
Brazilian startups

What should Brazilian startups learn about the pandemic?

In recent days, Brazil has become the Latin American epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. This fact has pushed many industries to transform themselves, and it... Details
Why Video Conferencing Doesn’t Feel the Same as In-Person Meetings?

Why Video Conferencing Doesn’t Feel the Same as In-Person Meetings?

Zachary Yorke, a UX researcher at Google, explained why some feel that video calls are not the same as in-person conversations. Health contingency measures have... Details
working people

How to build a successful team?

Work centers are changing. The rules of the work environment are no longer the same. Business requires constant innovation to succeed in this new economy.... Details

Well-educated workers, at greater risk of being replaced by automation

Artificial Intelligence is a crucial technology to boost the growth of companies and countries. In Latin America, companies recognize the importance of investing in this... Details
TOP 10 software companies San Francisco Bay Area Mexico

TOP 10 software companies with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and development centers in Mexico

Software outsourcing to Mexico is the booming smart trend. Nearshoring to Mexico gathers all the advantages of software development offshoring in general: Cultural and geographical... Details
Technology franchises gain popularity in Brazil

Technology franchises gain popularity in Brazil

The area of Communication, Computers, and Electronics deserves attention when it comes to franchises. In the second quarter of 2019, the segment reached 1,377 million... Details
nearshoring in latam

Nearshoring like you were in the house

Hiring a nearshore Software Development company offers three key advantages: control, speed, and quality. The physical proximity allows the client to get better acquainted with... Details
digital transformation

The digital transformation is the transformation of LatAm

Currently, no one doubts that digital transformation is necessary for Latin American countries to remain competitive. However, for Gonzalo Alonso, Google’s first CEO for Latin... Details
datacenters en brazil

Data centers in Brazil are expanding

In Brazil, the demand for data centers is on the rise. This trend is reflected in the investments that various cloud-based service provider companies are... Details