digital transformation

The digital transformation is the transformation of LatAm

Currently, no one doubts that digital transformation is necessary for Latin American countries to remain competitive. However, for Gonzalo Alonso, Google’s first CEO for Latin... Details
datacenters en brazil

Data centers in Brazil are expanding

In Brazil, the demand for data centers is on the rise. This trend is reflected in the investments that various cloud-based service provider companies are... Details
voice assistant ok google alexa siri cortana artificial intelligence

Is your company ready for voice assistants?

Voice assistants have slowly entered people’s lives. Advances in natural language processing have made this technology increasingly available to all people, but are companies prepared... Details
Bootcamps are changing the stereotype of software developers

Bootcamps are changing the stereotype of software developers

The image of the hacker is changing in the world. This character is no longer an individual with a hoodie and extraordinary logical-mathematical abilities, but... Details
electronic industry mexico jalisco

Electronics industry in Jalisco pushes development

In June, the employment figures in Jalisco were disappointing: the Mexican state lost 2,300 jobs, after coming from a good run. The coordinator of the... Details
customer experience

Improving CX is a priority in digital retailers

Companies that are entering the digital world have as one of their main objectives to invest in improving the experience of their customers, according to... Details
Artificial Intelligence

Schools need to develop analytical skills in Mexican programmers

The talent of Mexican programmers has been recognized in other countries, but to get the most out of them, schools must change their approach. Mexico... Details
Export of services, an opportunity for Latin America

Export of services, an opportunity for Latin America

The export of services, also known as global outsourcing is a current trend in technological development, and as an industry, it expects to grow 10%... Details
diversity inclusion business diversidad e inclusión en los negocios

Diversity and inclusion are good for business: IADB

"Diversity and inclusion are very good for business," said Stephanie Oueda on the blog of the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB). Oueda is Head of Gender... Details
Latin America is in the cloud

Latin America is in the cloud

The growth of the fintech sector, a simplified software and more significant benefits at a lower cost are some of the factors that will accelerate... Details