Nubank Mexican Talent Talento Mexicano México fintech

Nubank, in search of Mexican talent

Nubank, digital bank of Brazil, announced that they would start operations in Mexico. The company's interest in the country is not only reduced by the... Details
Gig economy great place to work

Some ‘Great Place To Work’ tips to retain your talent

Just as new technologies force companies to seek trained personnel for key areas, workers find more opportunities outside of companies in temporary jobs, known as... Details
MercadoLibre Place to work

How does MercadoLibre become in one of the best working places in LatAm?

This Argentine company, founded in 1999, started as a "Latino eBay." After 20 years, MercadoLibre is not only an auction site with a broad user... Details
WeWork LatAm

WeWork arrived in Costa Rica and growth in Peru

WeWork announced expansion plans in Costa Rica, where they expect to operate by the end of 2019. The company seeks to transform local businesses while... Details
AI for good global summit AI For jobs

Microsoft and OpenClassrooms will train students for high demand AI jobs

Microsoft Corp. and OpenClassrooms announced a new partnership to train and prepare students for jobs related to artificial intelligence (AI). OpenClassrooms is a leading online... Details
Chile: Companies Without a Boss, The New Labor Tendency

Chile: Companies Without a Boss, The New Labor Tendency

The job market continues evolving. Although most business structures remain rigid, some companies are testing new forms of organization. One of these modalities is companies... Details
Freelancers: Apps to Improve Productivity

Freelancers: Apps to Improve Productivity

Working as a freelancer has many advantages, the most important is the freedom that gives you because it allows controlling work hours, delivery times, among... Details
Colombian Startup Is Looking for Talent in Manizales

Colombian Startup Is Looking for Talent in Manizales

PlayVox is looking for engineers and technical professionals for its headquarters in Manizales, Colombia. The company has a presence in Silicon Valley and now, it... Details